Elven Gold - regular payment of real money online

The Elven Gold regular payment of real money online game is an automated background system, it produces Gold coins from your village that can then be swapped for real money into your Payeer account.
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Registration to Elven Gold is absolutely free. Your receive a sign up bonus of 5000 Gold Coins plus various gems.Elven-Gold-Gems  These enable you to purchase your 1st property, enabling you to start building your production of Gold Coins.
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Elven Gold The Best Online Money Maker Game

Initial start is slow with your one village property producing only 50 gold coins an hour.
Through time your be able to purchase with your Gold coin production, higher graded buildings for your which produce far greater amounts of Gold Coins .

See below just some of the buildings you can purchase with your Elven Gold coins. Along with the Gold Coin production each hour.  Each building can be raised in level  increasing the Gold coin production.

For complete list of buildings click here


The lower producing buildings will take you forever and a day to start seeing a reasonable regular income into your Payeer account..
Its not expensive though to have enough Gold Coins to purchase a higher producing buildings.
 Just for a small deposit of $10 you will have enough Elven Gold Coins to purchase 2 additional buildings.
Your be able to upgrade the Main Hall too level 2 as well, increasing the Gold Coin hourly production from 50 to 100.
Within minutes your production has will go from 50 to over 1000 Gold Coins an hour, or would you rather wait weeks to have enough Gold Coins to be in the same position.

You will also see when visiting the shop, Crystal Packages for sale.
You receive Elven-Gold-Gemswhen you sign up.
Word of warning: Do not waste your Gold production in buying additional packages. Wait  until you have built up a good list of active referrals. and i mean at least 5 to 7 active referrals.
You will receive these gems when your referrals make deposits. You only need them to buy some of the top producing buildings for your village.


Thats the basics of The Elven Gold regular payment of real money online game. Don’t leave though before checking out the Using Elven Gold page for views and complete explanations of each area. Your then know when you’ve signed up, where to go and what to do or what not to do straight away.

Alternates to Elven Gold below. Like me, use one to pay from your withdrawals for the other two until all 3 are making a reasonable growth each week.
Profit every 10 minutes!

Build your city and make money from its income!  

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