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Things to be aware of in Elven Gold:

  • Always read the complete details from the Elven Gold web site, there always available. They may seem long but at least you know what your signing up for.
  • As explained in the Things to do page, always be aware of your Aearil and Gleweril Magic protecting your buildings and production.
    Try not to leave it too many days before using the Mana points to trigger the magic, the more days left the less gold production will be produced from your village buildings.
  • Until you have at least 3 or 4 buildings on the Elven Gold play area, don’t waste your Gold coins on the Wheel of Fortune, more chances of receiving only 10% or 50% of your bet compared to the 150%, 200%, 300% or Jackpot
    Use the Wheel of Fortune when you have a steady income into your online wallet but not enough to purchase the higher village buildings unless you make an impressive deposit.
  • Don’t keep increasing the level of your 1st property (The Hall) when you have enough Gold to do so, Wait a little longer and buy the next higher producing building.
  • In the long run its better with the increased production and then you can level up The Hall a lot quicker and easily recoup the lost Gold for waiting that little bit longer.
  • Don’t forget though, even though your waiting longer for the Gold to buy the higher producing building, you need to keep on top of the magic protecting your existing buildings otherwise it will take even longer to get the Gold because of the decline in the Gold Production.
  • Keep an eye on how much StarDust you have for withdrawal. Don’t get annoyed when you have used all your StarDust  and can’t make a withdrawal or you didn’t start getting any referrals.
    Your StarDust amount is located on the withdrawal page.


    Last but not least:

    Don’t think that this is a quick get rich scheme.

Elven Gold over time will produce a regular income above the amount you have deposited to get started as long as you look after your referrals and make them do the same as you are.

There are alternates to Elven Gold below, with less complications. Like me, use one to pay from your withdrawals for the other two until all 3 are making a reasonable growth each week.

Profit every 10 minutes!  

Build your city and make money from its income!  

For additional help, included in this web site take a look at Using Elven Gold, Actions To Do and Referral Promotion, which are Free or at minimal  cost. This will be updated regularly with new and better providers.

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