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Must do’s in Elven Gold if and when you can:


  • Set up a Payeer account to receive your income, other options available but this seems to be the most used
    (Click Banner on left panel unless you have a Payeer account already),.
  • When you have signed up, start advertising your referral link and start building your down-line referrals.
    (See Referrals page for numerous ways to get free or minimal cost advertising and referrals)
  • Collect the Daily Bonus. From 10 to 100 extra Gold Coins every 24 hours.
  • No need to continuously keep collecting your Gold Coins from your account to exchange for Gold for withdrawal, they don’t disappear but  you do need to collect them before using Gleveril’s or Aearial’s Magic to protect your buildings.
  • Gleweril’s magic will cost you 50 Mana points and last for 7 days, Aearial’s Magic only costs 3 Mana points but only lasts at fall strength for 24 hours. Leaving any  longer will see a reduction in coin production.
  • You must use Gleweril’s and Aearial’s Magic as often as possible and remembering that Mana reproduces only at 1 Mana an hour unless your active on the site and increases to 2 an hour otherwise your buildings production will decline over a number of days.
  • When buying new buildings try and stagger the purchase by 24 hours or until all your other properties are protected by Gleweril’s Magic.
  • When you purchase a new property your Mana will become full at 100%, so if you need to use Gleweril’s Magic and you have enough Mana before your property purchase ( i.e 50% or 100%) use it, then when your new building is added to the game area, you can protect straight away with your refilled Mana points, and have enough to boost all your buildings with Aearial’s Magic as well.
  • Even within 24 hours, without Aearials Magic protecting your Building, your Gold productivity can decrease by 25 %.
  • Get 2 buildings on the game area as soon as you can. You will not see The Golden Abyss until you do. The Golden Abyss is a FREE 200 extra coins a day, don’t waste them.
  • Keep in contact with your referrals. On your referrals page, you will have the option to email your referral whether they be new or old.
  • Send them a welcome to Elven Gold E-mail.
  • Your be able to see if and when your referral last checked their Village, if its been left for 7 days, send them a reminder email of the decline in gold production by leaving their village for so long without Aearial or Gleverils Magic protecting it.
    (Your be able to see after a few weeks which Referrals are genuine and checking their village for production and protection, compared to the ones who signed up just for the sake of it, thinking Elven Gold was going to line their pockets with money straight away)
  • When your referrals start to deposit into the game, send them an email giving them ideas on where to get their referrals from or point them to this sites referral page. They need to start their referral down-line as well and your benefit when their referrals start to deposit into the game.

Most important thing to do using Elven Gold, Enjoy this well organized and graphically produced answer for you the user to make a regular income, how ever much from your own home.

There are alternates to Elven Gold below, with less complications. Like me, use one to pay from your withdrawals for the other two until all 3 are making a reasonable growth each week.

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For additional help, included in this web site take a look at Actions To Avoid and Referral Promotion, which are Free or at minimal  cost. This will be updated regularly with new and better providers.

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