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Obtaining Referrals for Elven Gold

One of the most important parts of using Elven Gold innovative online money making game is to have a string of down-line referrals that are still active to the sites program.
Within the Elven Gold website, if you enter the referrals page, you will see your personal promotional link which you can use to advertise on your social media forums, free advertising sites etc and located at the top right of the referrals page you will see a link to promo material.
This page has a number of ready made banners of various sizes which can then also be added to your social media accounts if allowed or your own web site, blog or advertising means.

More than likely you came to visit this site by one of the following web sites that I personally use to promote Elven Gold  plus other Online Money Making ideas and programs that. Most of these are free of charge to join, with an upgrade option at a small fee enabling you to receive increased benefits of their systems.

I have no favourites but working with a number of the following sites, your be able to advertise your Elven Gold referral link without having to pay any or much to build up a good active down-line within the sites online game. Obviously these sites can also be used for any additional programs that you are currently involved with, that your looking to build a good referral down-line.
Joining only one online money making program will not make much of a life changing event for you, so use these referral sites to promote all that your involved with.
Also sign up for similar ideas and run all alongside each other, using the monies you earn from one to promote the others until all of them are in a stable earning positions.

There are alternates to Elven Gold below, with less complications. Like me, use one to pay from your withdrawals for the other two until all 3 are making a reasonable growth each week.

Profit every 10 minutes!  

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Starting off with the free to join PTC sites (Paid to click)

Easy sites to deal with and very little time required each day for it to be worth while in building your advertising budget for nothing.
Join each one and then when you have more time, sit down and work through each site to learn the easy PTC route to free advertising

postman Hits
SubZero Hits
ePay Traffic
Stealth Hits
magic of Traffic
TE Search
Race 4 Hirs
hits and list cafe

These few you must view and click 10 Ad’s a day but your receive your small investment $1 per AdPack plus 30 to 40% increase, with the additional benefit of advertising your referral link as well.


Don’t have the time to work on your own advertising campaigns, this is your one stop advertising campaign promotional tool website. Its not free, but your receive at least 10,000 unique visitors to your referral site a day.
Great benefit of Rotata4All is you can advertise up to 5 different referral links at once in the rotator advertising.


For additional help, included in this web site take a look at Actions To Avoid and Referral Promotion, which are Free or at minimal  cost. This will be updated regularly with new and better providers.

Additional sites for Internet Money Making

Golden Farm                     MonkyTalk