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Elven Gold  Game Area Page

Below is a screen shot of the opening play area (Village) of Elven Gold
Moving your mouse over the picture icons and writing your view a brief description of the button details.
By clicking the icon or writing a pop up box will   display the behind the scenes details and views of the pages you will see after you have  registered with the system.


Once you have completely gone through all of the areas of the home page,  your ready to go and sign up but at least your be ready and able to move around the site knowing from this small background website of Elven  Gold, where to go.

Don’t forget though before you make the commitment to sign up to view the  what to do and what not to do pages that are prepared for you within  this web site.

Then once you have signed up, you will need to start thinking about getting  likewise people such as yourself to sign up. So please take some time  viewing the Referral Promotion page.

If you are really interested in Elven Gold, start advertising your  referral link as soon s you have signed up, even if at first you do not  make a deposit. Get your down-line started straight away, otherwise it  may hold you up when you have the higher producing properties, but not  enough income from your referrals to continue a steady regular income.

More than likely you arrived here using one of these free or minimal cost  advertising sites, they work and are effective enough to get your  referral link in front of the right people also looking for an  opportunity such as Elven Gold. There are also offers to help pay for future  advertising campaigns.

There are alternates to Elven Gold below, with less complications. Like me, use one to pay from your withdrawals for the other two until all 3 are making a reasonable growth each week.

Profit every 10 minutes!  

Build your city and make money from its income!  

For additional help, included in this web site take a look at Actions To Do, Actions To Avoid and Referral Promotion, which are Free or at minimal  cost. This will be updated regularly with new and better providers.

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